Welcome Y'all Peach Double Applique House Flag

Welcome Y'all Peach Double Applique House Flag - All Decorative Flags/Themes/State and Regional Themed Flags - I AmEricas Flags SALE

Magnolia Garden Flags

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SKU: 00783

Georgia peach, decorative house flag featuring a great, big, fat appliqued and embroidered peach-shaped flag with embroidered "Welcome Y'all" lettering that reads correctly on both sides. Hang this flag up at your Home, business, or peach orchard for a little southern flavored sweetness.

Magnolia Lane Double Applique House Flags are among the finest quality flags in the industry, featuring 3-ply construction. This means two heavily embroidered and appliqued flags are sewn together back to back with batting sewn in between. The 3-ply construction process yields a rich-looking, luxurious flag that offers a very high-end appearance that anyone would be proud to display inside or outside their home or place of business. Each unique design is crafted using brightly colored, weather-resistant, nylon fabric along with tight, detailed embroidered stitching that is sure to draw attention. This flag will fit on any standard 5’ pole. Flag size 29” x 42”.

*Flagpole not included.