USMC Slogans Sublimated House Flag

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Two Group Flags

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This United States Marine Corps house flag is printed to look like a painted, wooden sign with a distressed finish. Several well-known Marine phrases appear to have been stamped on a red-painted wood plank background with the Marine Corps EGA in the center. All of the slogans are printed in dark gray, yellow, and white and read correctly from both sides of the flag:

"USMC", "Earned. Never Given.", "First To Fight", "OOH-RAH", "Devil Dogs", "Semper Fidelis", "Once a Marine Always a Marine", "Jarhead", "Marines. The Few. The Proud."

Two Group Dye Sublimated House Flags are printed on 2 ply blocker polyester fabric which allows both sides to be printed and read correctly from each side. It is an incredibly durable material that has the feel of suede with a slight amount of elasticity. Blocker fabric is more durable and fade resistant than most other printed polyester flags and the dye sublimation process produces beautiful color resolution and incredible detail. Fits any standard 5' pole. Flag size 28" x 40".

*Flagpole not included.