Songbirds and Welcome Post House Flag

Songbirds and Welcome Post House Flag

Carson Flags

SKU: 51625

Give your guests a cheerful, warm welcome with this decorative house flag. The image shows a garden signpost surrounded by pink flowers and green grass. On the signpost, there are four birds such a cardinal and a sparrow, perching. The sign reads, “Welcome” in black letters. A butterfly flits among the flowers. The lettering reads correctly from both sides. This decorative house flag is a charming way to greet all of your guests.

FlagTrends by Carson Dura Soft House Flags are made of an innovative soft material that has better durability than many other printed flags. It consists of a 3-ply construction with a center batting panel that blocks the light from bleeding through the other side allowing each flag to be double-sided. This flag will fit on any standard 5' pole. Flag size 28” x 40”.

*Flagpole not included.