Police Thin Blue Line Black and White American Flag 4x6

Police Thin Blue Line Black and White American Flag 4x6

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Law Enforcement - Police Thin Blue Line Black and White 4x6 American Flag

Looking for something a little larger to show your support and appreciation for American law enforcement? Try this thin blue line, printed polyester, subdued, 4x6 American flag. Makes a perfect gift for your favorite Police Officer.

  • One solid piece of printed, hemmed fabric
  • Very light weight, polyester that will fly nicely in the slightest breeze.
  • Bright color
  • Reinforced header with brass grommets
  • Flag size: 4' x 6'

Meaning of the Thin Blue Line
The thin blue line is a symbol commonly used to show support for the police and law enforcement. It represents the role that Police serve in the community as protectors of the public against criminals and potential victimization. The blue stripe represents the courage of the officer, while the black background serves as an ever-present reminder of those who have fallen in the line of duty. This symbol represents the active public service role that police and law enforcement provide to protect the public on a daily basis.

Join us in supporting the hard working men and women of law enforcement.

#bluelivesmatter #backtheblue #policelivesmatter #thinblueline

*Flagpole not included.