Police Thin Blue Line Black and White American Applique House Flag

Police Thin Blue Line Black and White American Applique House Flag SALE

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Law Enforcement Thin Blue Line Black and White 29"x 42" Embroidered and Sewn Double Applique American Flag

Back the Blue and show your support and appreciation for American law enforcement officers with this thin blue line, fully sewn, subdued, American house flag. This is a perfect gift for your favorite Peace Officer.

Magnolia Lane Applique House Flags are among the finest quality flags in the industry. They are heavily embroidered and appliqued, producing a flag that offers a very high end appearance that anyone would be proud to display inside or outside their home or place of business. Each unique design is crafted using brightly colored, weather resistant, nylon fabric along with tight, detailed embroidered stitching that is sure to draw attention. This flag will fit on any standard 5’ pole. Flag size: 29” x 42”.

Meaning of the Thin Blue Line
The thin blue line is a symbol of support for police officers and law enforcement all across this great nation. It represents the role that peace officers fill in our communities as protectors against criminals and potential victimization. The blue line in the center represents the courage of the officer, while the black background is a constant reminder of those who have fallen in the line of duty. This beautiful flag represents the active service role that police and law enforcement officers provide to the communities they serve on a daily basis.

Join us in supporting the courageous and hard working men and women of law enforcement.

#bluelivesmatter #backtheblue #policelivesmatter #thinblueline

*Flagpole not included.