Home Sweet Home Autumn Birdhouse Mailbox Cover

Home Sweet Home Autumn Birdhouse Mailbox Cover - Mailbox Covers/Fall Winter - I AmEricas Flags SALE

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SKU: 3837MM

Here is a great, whimsical birdhouse mailbox cover for the fall season depicting a cardinal, bluebird, finch and chickadee all congregating around a quaint, little birdhouse with autumn leaves all around and a "Home Sweet Home" message that will make your curbside décor make you feel more at Home.

Made in the USA, all Custom Décor mailbox covers are printed in Dover Delaware. Printed with UV resistant inks on a heavy, durable vinyl backer, these mailbox covers securely attach to any standard “T1” mailbox using 2 magnetic strips. They are the perfect way to dress up your mailbox. Decorate just your mailbox or coordinate with a matching house or garden flag. Change them out with the seasons and holidays or pick one design and use it year-round.