He is Risen Easter Cross Double Applique Garden Flag

He is Risen Easter Cross Double Applique Garden Flag - All Decorative Flags/Holidays/Easter Flags - I AmEricas Flags

Magnolia Garden Flags

SKU: 01597

Easter Cross adorned with a rich purple pall and pure, white lilies double applique garden flag. The heavily embroidered "He is Risen" script lettering reads correctly from both sides. The brilliant shades of purple that signify the royalty of Jesus Christ and meticulous applique and embroidery makes this flag an inspiring decoration for your Home or business. Made for outdoors but suitable for inside as well.

Magnolia Lane Double Applique Garden Flags are among the finest quality flags in the industry, featuring 3-ply construction. This means two heavily embroidered and appliqued flags are sewn together back to back with batting sewn in between. The 3-ply construction process yields a rich-looking, luxurious flag that offers a very high-end appearance that anyone would be proud to display inside or outside their home or place of business. Each unique design is crafted using brightly colored, weather-resistant, nylon fabric along with tight, detailed embroidered stitching that is sure to draw attention. This flag will fit on any garden pole. Flag size 13” x 18”.

*Flagpole not included.