Fun in the Sun Garden Flag

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Magnolia Garden Flags

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When the warm sun starts shining, it’s time to display this decorative garden flag. The image shows summertime symbols including flip-flops on the sand, flamingos, sunglasses, drinks, and ice cream, and starfish. The message reads, “Fun in the Sun” in red lettering against the yellow sand background. The artwork and lettering read correctly from both sides. When the sun's rays start welcoming you back outside for summertime fun, this is the perfect decorative garden flag.

Magnolia Lane Printed Garden Flags are made using a unique polyester fabric that has a woven texture, but is very soft to the touch and much more durable than most other printed flags in the industry yet still offers easy flyability in a slight breeze. The printed designs are highly detailed with deep, brilliant colors. This flag will fit on any garden flagpole. Flag size 13” x 18”. 

*Flagpole not included.