Food Family Football Turkey Suede Reflections Garden Flag

Food Family Football Turkey Suede Reflections Garden Flag - All Decorative Flags/Holidays/Thanksgiving Flags - I AmEricas Flags SALE

Evergreen Flags

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Thanksgiving turkey football helmet garden flag. Celebrate Thanksgiving Day and watch the great football games with your family after the big feast. What a great tradition to share with your loved ones year after year and this fun, great looking flag can be used to make the event official.

Suede Reflections Garden Flags are yet another technological breakthrough from the designers at Evergreen. The soft polyester fabric has the feel of suede and is highly weather resistant and durable. The image is dye sublimated which involves a true 4 color printing process that captures every detail of the design. The technology of the Suede Reflections fabric allows the image to be printed on both sides of the flag. The density of the fabric completely blocks the image on one side from bleeding through to the other side. Fits on any garden pole. Flag size 12.5" x 18".

*Flagpole not included.