Chickadees and Morning Glory Garden Flag

Chickadees and Morning Glory Garden Flag

Magnolia Garden Flags

SKU: M080011

Display a beautiful image of birds on a decorative garden flag any time of year. The image shows several chickadees in and on a birdhouse on a wooden pole. A vine with big pink flowers curls its way up around the base of the pole. The background is medium blue. The artwork is visible from both sides. This is a charming image to greet visitors to your home.

Magnolia Lane Printed Garden Flags are made using a unique polyester fabric that has a woven texture, but is very soft to the touch and much more durable than most other printed flags in the industry yet still offers easy flyability in a slight breeze. The printed designs are highly detailed with deep, brilliant colors. This flag will fit on any garden flagpole. Flag size 13” x 18”. 

*Flagpole not included.