Burlap Welcome LOOZEEANUH Double Applique House Flag

Burlap Welcome LOOZEEANUH Double Applique House Flag - All Decorative Flags/Themes/State and Regional Themed Flags - I AmEricas Flags SALE

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This fun, and lighthearted Louisiana state shape house flag features a heavily embroidery, hot pink pronunciation key that indicates the way that many of us in the south pronounce "Louisiana". Lots of richly colored embroidery and bright fabric against a rugged, burlap background will make this flag a real stand-out conversation piece around your Home or business. The "LOO-ZEE-AN-UH" lettering reads correctly from both sides. Add a bit of Louisiana style flair to your landscape or interior decor and get some real laughs with this very cool and iconic flag.

Burlap Originals House Flags are a technological breakthrough from the designers at Magnolia Lane. The textured polyester fabric has the look and feel of burlap and is highly weather resistant and durable, so you get the fashionable look of burlap with the durability of polyester. The artwork is embroidered onto two separate panels and then sewn together, back to back for a double sided, rich looking, luxurious flag with a very high-end appearance. Fits on any standard 5' pole. Flag size 29" x 43"

*Flagpole not included.