Autumn Word Collage Decorative Strié Fabric Garden Flag

Autumn Word Collage Decorative Strié Fabric Garden Flag - All Decorative Flags/Seasons/Fall Flags - I AmEricas Flags

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SKU: 14T10009

Celebrate everything that you love about the fall season with this decorative garden flag. The flag is filled with words related to fall, such as, “Harvest”, “Crisp Mornings” and “Gather”, among others. In between the words are fall images, such as a squirrel, pumpkin, pie, and an apple. The lettering reads correctly from both sides. This is a fun way to celebrate wonderful fall experiences with a decorative garden flag.

Strié Textured Garden Flags are made of a material introduced to the market in 2020 by Evergreen Enterprises.  Taking its name from the French word "Strié", which means "Striated" in English, the uniquely textured material is similar to woodgrain with tiny vertical striated ridges woven into the fabric. It is an outdoor safe, polyester material and is used for designs where the texture of the fabric enhances the artwork. The double-sided design is printed on two separate panels and then sewn together back to back, creating a heavy, luxurious flag that will enhance almost any setting. Fits on any garden flagpole. Flag size 12.5" x 18"

*Flagpole not included.