Autumn Glory Mailbox Cover

Autumn Glory Mailbox Cover - Mailbox Covers/Fall Winter - I AmEricas Flags

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SKU: 03025

Fall offers a wide variety of rich foliage in vibrant hues as seen in the decorative mailbox cover. A bouquet of fall flowers is displayed in a light-colored vase. The variety of flowers come in orange, yellow, and purple to showcase the rich variety of fall colors. A couple of flowers lie on the table beside the vase. This decorative mailbox cover is a beautiful way to appreciate the colors of fall. 

Made in the USA, MailWraps brand mailbox covers are printed on a heavy-duty, flexible plastic material with UV and weather-resistant inks. They securely attach to any standard metal “T1” mailbox using 2 magnetic strips and are the perfect way to dress up your mailbox. Decorate just your mailbox or coordinate with a matching house or garden flag. Change them out with the seasons and holidays or pick one design and use it all year-round.