All Responders Thin Line Suede Reflections House Flag

All Responders Thin Line Suede Reflections House Flag - Police | Firefighter | EMS - I AmEricas Flags

Evergreen Flags

SKU: 13S9792

Black and white USA-style house flag with green, orange, gold, blue, red, and white lines representing the military, search and rescue, dispatch, police, firefighters, and EMS. The lettering reads correctly from both sides of the flag. Recognize our great and dedicated front-line heroes who serve the needs of our communities, sometimes at their own personal risk, on a daily basis.

Suede Reflections House Flags are yet another technological breakthrough from the designers at Evergreen. The soft polyester fabric has the feel of suede and is highly weather-resistant and durable. The image is dye-sublimated which involves a true 4 color printing process that captures every detail of the design. The technology of the Suede Reflections fabric allows the image to be printed on both sides of the flag. The density of the fabric completely blocks the image on one side from bleeding through to the other side. Fits on any standard 5' pole. Flag size 29" x 43" 

*Flagpole not included.