Patriotic Memorial Day Decorations

Patriotic Memorial Day Decorations

Posted by Celeste Sauls Marks on 1st May 2017

Every year on the last Monday in May, Americans pause to honor those who died during their military service to this country. While Veteran’s Day honors all who serve in the military, Memorial Day is America’s opportunity to recognize those who paid the ultimate price. During this time of year, everyone brings out their American flags to honor the day. There are many creative ways to decorate for this holiday, though. At I AmEricas Flags, we understand the commitment that service members and their families make. To help our customers show their respect this Memorial Day, we have assembled a wide variety of flags and decorative items to create that special touch on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day flags

Bunting is a particularly popular decoration for Memorial Day. Our range of bunting includes versions created from burlap and tea stained “antiqued” bunting. This allows you to create the perfect look for your home or business. Another creative decoration is the windsocks and spinners. They create eye catching movement by “dancing” in the breeze. The combination of movement and color make these great decorative elements for any backyard. Memorial Day decorations can even extend to the end of your driveway with a patriotic mailbox cover. Combining several of these decorative ideas will get your home or business ready for the Memorial Day holiday.

Memorial Day decorations

While many people will naturally think simply using American flags as Memorial Day decorations, there are many more way to show your support for fallen military members. If you decide to include an American flag in your decorations, know that there is a protocol to honor service members. On the holiday, the flag is quickly raise to the top of the staff. Then it is slowly lowered to half-staff. The flag remains at half-staff until noon when it is fully raised until the end of the day. While it is at half-staff, the more than one million service members who have lost their lives are honored. By raising the flag to full staff at noon, we as Americas are showing that we will not forget their sacrifice and will continue to fight for liberty and justice for all.