Decorative Mailbox Covers

Dress up your mailbox with a beautiful monogram or decorative mailbox cover. You can instantly change the look of your mailbox from dull to dazzling! Our mailbox covers are all weather and fade resistant and attach using a magnetic bond. Please make sure your mailbox is a standard T1 prior to placing your order. Caution: dressing up your mailbox can be extremely addictive!

Unique Gift Idea!
All Weather and Fade Resistant!
Pre-cut and Easy to Install!

  • Magnetic Mailbox Adapter Kit

    Evergreen Flags

    Magnetic Mailbox Adapter Kit

    The mailbox adapter kit is a great way to use a stylish magnetic cover without replacing your plastic mailbox. The adapter kit contains 2 magnetic strips that are 18” x 1.5” with an adhesive that can be applied to each side of the mailbox. ...