Fly Your Flag Proudly This Fourth of July!

Fly Your Flag Proudly This Fourth of July!

Posted by Celeste Sauls Marks on 16th Jun 2017

Every Fourth of July, I’m reminded of the efforts so many men and women undertook to build this great nation of ours. As the child of a Navy family near an Army Infantry base, I’ve seen firsthand the sacrifices and commitments these military members and their families make. I salute them and show my pride and support everyday by flying a patriotic decorative flag.

My favorite part of the Fourth of July celebrations is the fireworks. I celebrate with a festive Fourth of July decorative garden flag. The fireworks on this Fourth of July decorative flag remind me of those easy evenings lounging and staring at the sky. The beautiful blue birds brighten every afternoon.

Welcome friends and neighbors with a Patriotic Rustic Barn Suede Reflections House Flag. The star is depicted against a background of red, white and blue. This Fourth of July decorative house flag adds a touch of rustic charm to my outdoor décor. The soft polyester flag material feels like suede. It is, however, highly durable and weather resistant making it a good choice for outdoor use.

The fireworks and the American flag in the breeze make this a perfect patriotic decorative garden flag for Fourth of July. This Fourth of July garden flag clearly shows your love of country and the people who have made America great. It adds makes a great addition to your holiday décor.

The Uncle Sam Sculpted Applique Garden Flag adds a whimsical touch to your Fourth of July décor. The softly sculpted applique gives this patriotic flag visual depth. Uncle Sam’s fluffy white beard and glittering gold stars create eye catching texture and reflect the light. The design of this Fourth of July decorative garden flag will delight and amuse friends and neighbors.

Lastly, no patriotic celebration is complete without flying the American flag ( The Vintage Antiqued Sewn Nylon American House Flag is a high quality decorative house flag and will last for many years. Each stripe is sewn and the stars are fully embroidered. The fabric has been tea stained to give it the look of antique cotton fabric but still have the durability of nylon. This flag’s styling will add a distinctive look to any home or business.

Patriotic decorative garden and house flags add to every Fourth of July celebration. They are a great addition to every décor throughout the season. The wide range of motifs allows you to find the perfect garden and house flag for your tastes. Show your American pride this season with a Fourth of July garden and house flag!