Burlap Welcome Crab Decorative Garden Flag

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Burlap Welcome Crab Decorative Garden Flag

Bright, red crab, coastal themed garden flag with a rugged looking burlap background and a heavily embroidered "Welcome" message that reads correctly from both sides. The crab shape is cut from a thick, outdoor grade fabric that looks and feels like real felt and is sewn onto both sides for extra dimension and. This is a great seaside related flag for your Home or business that is appropriate for everyday use. Made for outdoors, but attractive enough to hang inside as well.

Burlap Boutique Garden Flags are another technological breakthrough from the designers at Evergreen Enterprises. The textured polyester fabric has the look and feel of burlap and is highly weather resistant and durable, so you get the fashionable look of burlap with the durability of polyester. The artwork is printed on two separate flag panels and then sewn together back to back, creating a heavy, luxurious feeling, double sided flag that will add beauty and fashion to any setting. Fits on any garden pole. Flag size 12.5" x 18"