We weren't always garden flags.

You never know what is in store for you and how things will turn out…..We started out selling African Art and sandals in Canton to help out an orphanage that my father in law was helping in Africa.

We first started out in the Trade Centers where we would have to pack up all of our merchandise and tables every Sunday when the First Monday weekend was over. Then we were lucky to find two spots open at Turner’s East Gate. This was when this article was written. We had a lady beside us that would hang a decorative flag outside her shop, people would always try and buy it from her. Then the lady that sold make-up across from us also has a few garden flags outside her small shop to get attention. After seeing how many people offered to buy the flags we decided to get a few and see how they sold. We started out with a few American, Texas and military flags. They sold really well so we re-ordered what we had sold. Then we ordered a few sports teams, a few Texas colleges, and a small amount of decorative flags.

Fast forward to now and we now have a store that is over 3,000 square feet, we are open 6 days a week and have a busy flag website to keep up with. Our boys were 12 and 6 at the time. Now they are 19, 14 and we now have a 2 year old that is very helpful! We are fully self-employed, which can be awesome and horrible at the same time. I have learned a lot about flags, I never knew there were that many out there! Different styles, fabrics, sizes, meanings, etc. Now I notice every single flag we drive by and always know what company makes it. When my youngest was 1 he started pointing out flags when we would pass them. We have great number of repeat customers and also have a large amount of commercial customers. We have worked very hard to make our American owned family flag shop a success and we very much appreciate each and every customer.

Thank you to everyone that has been a customer, shared info about us, family and friends that have spread the word about us in person and online, and esp to the people that carry our business cards around with them and hand out to the people that have flags at their home or business. Thank You!

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