This is why the message of the "Thin Blue Line" is so important.

This is why the message of the "Thin Blue Line" is so important.

Meet the Martinez family, one of the winners of our "Show Off Your Purchase" photo contest!

When we received this submission, our hearts melted. This is such a wonderful family with an amazing message. This is why the message of the thin blue line is so important.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and your lovely family shown in the photograph?

"We are a family of 5 from Littleton, CO. My husband, Marco, and I have 3 wonderful children. Breana, 20, is currently a pre-nursing student at CU. Valentin, 13, is a seventh grader and plays competitive basketball. Amorina, 9, is a fourth grader and is an avid dancer and gymnast. My husband is a sergeant for the Denver Police Dept./Metro SWAT Unit I teach in kindergarten at a local charter school. We love to travel, be outdoors and spend as much time as we can together."

2. Can you tell us a little bit about your husband's service?

"My husband, Marco, has been with Denver Police Department for about 22 years. He has worked in multiple districts across Denver, as well as the Gang Unit, but is currently working for Denver Metro SWAT. From building his tenure and as well as being a sergeant for the department, he is widely respected by his team, co-workers, other officers among the entire department, and members of the community. My husband has received multiple awards and medals of Valor for saving lives and putting his life on the line for others. He is truly our hero. He has the utmost respect for his job and truly bleeds blue."

3. The ‘Thin Blue Line’ is a powerful symbol. What does it mean to you and your family?

"The 'Thin Blue Line' carries so much weight, especially to families that have loved ones serving as law enforcement officers. It represents unity, family and respect among police officers and families. It serves as a reminder to other people about the sacrifice law enforcement officers make every day. The 'Thin Blue Line' ultimately represents the support that our men and women in blue have on a daily basis from not only each other, but from their families and friends too."

4. How do you share the message of the ‘Thin Blue Line’ with others?

"Our family is very passionate about sharing the message of the 'Thin Blue Line.' We participate in 5K's that show support for the law enforcement community. We attend community events put on by different districts of DPD. We are constantly wearing 'Thin Blue Line' shirts, and hats in support of my husband and LEO's across America. My daughter likes to describe this as, "humanizing the badge." Unfortunately, a large portion of society has become accustomed to viewing police officers very negatively. In response to this, we like to remind people that law enforcement officers are people, too! They have wives, husbands, kids, and families that support their profession but are also counting on that loved one to come home every day after their shift is over."

5.How will you be displaying or using your ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag?

"Aside from showing it off in our annual family photos, we will be proudly displaying our 'Thin Blue Line' flag outside of our house to show support for my husband, and his colleagues. We LOVE our DPD officer!!"

Thank you, Martinez family, for your beautiful submission. The similes on the faces of your family are absolutely contagious. Sharing the message of the ‘Thin Blue Line’ is very important to us. When we started selling  thin blue line flags several years ago, we never thought the message would become so important. Please thank your husband from all of us here at I AmEricas Flags for having such a noble profession. Thank you, also, to all the brave men and women of law enforcement for your service. Thank you for keeping us safe!

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