The Thin Blue Line - Stop and Say "Thank You"

The Thin Blue Line - Stop and Say "Thank You"

Every day, police officers don their uniforms and gear and head out into an increasingly uncertain world. Every day, they strive to protect the public often when the public is unaware of danger. They kiss their wives’ goodbye and see their kids off to school. They are working long after everyone else has gone to bed and are on the streets when the sun starts to rise. They struggle through trials each day that would be unimaginable for most of us. Yet they do it day in and day out.

Why do they stand in the stopgap every day for people many of whom they will never personally know? Because it is right. Because they have spent long hours training to prepare for the worst situations imaginable. Because they know that everyone deserves to feel safe and live in a just environment.

However, despite their hard work and community efforts, their payback has been to increasingly become the target of violence. Often, these hard working men and women do their work quietly and efficiently so that most of us never even notice. Yet we still receive the protection every day as the result of their efforts. It’s time to stand together and say “Thank You!”. We need to collectively step back as Americans and show our appreciation for the officers who stand up for us every day.

As a symbol, the thin blue line represents the role that police officers and law enforcement play every day. As protectors of the community against criminal elements, they are represented by a thin blue line between two black bars with the public represented on top and the criminal elements below. That symbol may seem simple but it speaks volumes. Often unnoticed and underappreciated, that thin line stands true every day to keep the public protected.

Today, show your appreciation for your community police officers. Buy an officer a cup of coffee or simply stop and say “Thank you”. These simple words can show them that the bad guys haven’t won. These simple words can show officers that the risks they take on our behalf are truly appreciated. We at I AmErica’s Flags are proud to be a small part of the community movement to show our support of officers.

Join us as we take a moment to deliver a well-deserved “Thank You” to all who serve us every day. Many have joined us in the community movement to support law enforcement by purchasing and flying  Thin Blue Line flags. This very visual statement sparks conversation within the community and clearly demonstrates your support to friends, neighbors and those in the area where you live. It also sends a clear message to area officers that they are appreciated and supported in their often difficult work.

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