Show Mom Some Love This Mother's Day

Show Mom Some Love This Mother's Day

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” -Abraham Lincoln

Trust me. I’m guilty. I dearly love my mother but every year on Mother’s Day, I just send her a card and give her a call. While she claims to appreciate these gestures, they don’t truly express how I feel about her. This year, I decided to express my love and appreciation in a truly unique way…a decorative garden and house flag!

With the wide selection at, finding the perfect flag was a breeze. In fact, there are several flags that I choose to share with her so that she will know that I am thinking about her throughout the year.

My favorite is the A Mother’s Love Garden Flag. This soft, durable floral flag best shares a sentiment that I feel captures the beauty of motherhood. Amid the bright pink floral design, the message reads, “Of all gifts both great and small, a Mother’s love is best of all”. When I consider all that my mother has done for me, this motto says what I would like to say to her. The elegant script message reads correctly from both sides. It’s a tribute to mothers that will last throughout the years.

Next on my list is the Purple Iris and Dragonfly House Flag. My mother loves her garden. She considers springtime blooms to be one of the best times of the year. I selected this house flag so that she can proudly show her love of flowers and the garden. This house flag is created with Solar Silk so that it will lightly dance in the breeze. Though this flag is light and silky it won’t fade in the springtime sun.

As my mother enjoys the springtime flowers and nesting birds, I choose the Goldfinch Floral Glitter Garden Flag. This flag shows beautiful bright yellow birds nestled in a pink blooming tree. The glitter accents catch the sunlight and cause the flag to sparkle as it gently flutters in the breeze. A soft, durable fabric is used in a 3-ply construction to create a flag that doesn’t fade or allow the design on the opposite side to bleed through.

These are three gorgeous decorative house and garden flags that I want to share with my mother. They are perfect decoration for her home and for use throughout the year. With rich colors and beautiful designs, they are sure to be a welcome surprise on Mother’s Day. Not sure which flag will be best for your home, business or as a gift? The team at can help you find the perfect flag that you are looking for. They also carry a full range of hardware to ensure that whichever flag you select flies proudly. If you happen to be in Canton, TX, come by the shop to browse the selection of flags in person!

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