Happy 1st Monday of 2016!

We have been a vendor here for over 10 years. We heard from a few other long term vendors that this was a horrible month for them and that they received multiple phone calls about First Monday being cancelled due to the floods. We also got phone calls and texts to see if we would be open. Shoppers please remember that there are multiple areas of First Monday. Most are above flooding areas. After the videos and pictures were taken of the floods and posted on Facebook it was back to normal here within a few hours. It would have to take a lot more than that to stop the trade days from continuing. A lot of people travel from place to place full time and sell their items, some are retired and this is what they depend on to live, and like us some people are self employed, small family business owners.

As vendors we are used to bad months-great months, bad weather-perfect weather, sunny days-cloudy days, the days when you sell out of your merchandise and you leave smiling, and the days where you have too much left over and you leave disappointed. No matter what we will be set-up and there waiting to greet you. And please check our Facebook pages, websites, Canton First Monday web pages to see what the conditions are if you question whether to come and shop.

I want to Thank all of you who did come out. It was a little chilly but the sun was shinning! Please share so that we can get the word out that First Monday continues on and can't be stopped with a little rain! ‪#‎cantstopfirstmonday‬

Here is a little history of First Monday Trade Days...


www.findthatvendor.com is a great site to find info!

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