Drawing Family and Friends Close This Thanksgiving

Drawing Family and Friends Close This Thanksgiving

The cool breezes of November bring warm thoughts of ginger and spice. It also makes us think of the family and friends who will soon be gathering around the Thanksgiving table. Each year, we reach out to the ones we love and look forward to a warm hug. Thanksgiving Day is a big event for most families and friends. It is a time to draw everyone together and remember the people who built our nation – and, of course, eat a lot of yummy stuff!

It is a poignant reminder each year though that there are friends and family who are unable to attend our Thanksgiving celebration. I am always thinking of friends who cannot join us. Many of them may be in the military or live great distances away and sometimes it is hard to travel home for the holidays. One of the ways that I draw everyone close together at these times is to send the small gift of a holiday flag. While this may only be a small token, it reminds us all that we are bound together by love and kinship. Some of my favorite flags feature the colors and symbols of the season. Pumpkins and scarecrows always make me think of cool breezes, crisp colorful leaves and, of course,  football season!

Sharing a flag at this time of year reminds your friends and family that you are thinking about them. It may only seem to be a small token of gratitude but it speaks volumes. The staff at I AmEricas Flags understands that. As a family-owned business, the people in our lives are very important to us. We strive to show them our respect by providing the best service available and reaching out with personal suggestions each and every day. That is why you will find a personal “thank you” on every order you receive from I AmEricas Flags.

This year, I will be sending  Thanksgiving garden flags to all of the special people in my life who are unable to come to our Thanksgiving celebration. In a small way, it brings us all closer. The miles may separate us but a common convivial spirit can bring us closer together. An autumnal Thanksgiving flag will bring smiles to everyone on your list who is too far away to join you holiday events. It is a lasting testament to friendship and love. Bottom line, it is one way to draw family and friends close this Thanksgiving season.

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