Celebrate the Freedom and Fun of Flip Flops on June 15th!

Celebrate the Freedom and Fun of Flip Flops on June 15th!

National Flip Flop Day - Friday, June 15th

Whether your happy place is on a quiet beach, a nearby park or just puttering around in your own backyard, most likely, you will be wearing a pair of what has become a rather ubiquitous style of footwear…flip flops. While the history of flip flop type sandals dates back to Egyptian times, their popularity rose in the United States in the 1960s as a casual sandal for the beach. From the early days of California beach culture, the popularity of the comfortable and casual flip flop sandal spread around the world. For most of us, they represent carefree, sunny days spent with family and friends outside. So why not celebrate them on Flip Flops Day this June 15, 2018.

This fun little holiday was started in Florida at a beach smoothie shop. Today, we celebrate by flying our best flip flops decorative garden or house flag and enjoying the outdoors. The spirit of this quirky little holiday reminds us that we should sometimes wander, whether on a beach or in our own yard, and enjoy the simple things in life. In honor of this goal, we’ve gathered some of our best flip flops flags for you.

Life is Better in Flip Flops Sculpted Applique House Flag

When you want to proclaim it loudly, no decorative garden or house flag says it better. Yes, life is truly better in flip flops. With bright, eye catching colors and soft sculpting, this decorative house flag is hard to miss! It will delight all of your visitors and you may find that most agree with you. With fine embroidery, applique and embellishments, you can fly this fun flag proudly to celebrate Flip Flops Day or any other time when the mood strikes.

Crafted from high quality 300 denier polyester fabric, Evergreen designs these double-sided sculpted decorative flags to get attention. Through handcrafting and attention to detail, these decorative flags will last for many seasons of fun.

Flip Flops Welcome House Flag

Whether you are celebrating Flip Flops Day on the beach or on your patio dreaming of the beach, this classic flip flops flag will welcome all of your guests. With beautiful detailing, visitors will feel welcome to kick off their flip flops, have a cool drink and relax in the sunshine.

Custom décor creates these doubled sided house flags from high quality nylon. The artist-created image is color fast and designed to withstand the elements for many years. The supple material will float gently on the breeze so that the image and message can be see from both sides correctly. What a lovely welcome on Flip Flops Day and throughout the dog days of summer.

God Bless the USA Flip Flops Double Applique Garden Flag

Celebrate the bounty of America, Flip Flops Day and summertime fun with just one decorative garden flag. With clear national pride, you can fly this decorative garden flag to celebrate and welcome guests throughout the summer season. It doesn’t have to be Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or even Flip Flops Day to spread your message.

This high quality embroidered and appliqued flag is from Flag Trends by Carson Applique Garden Flags. The double-sided flag is crafted with a 3-ply construction for durability and to prevent the image from bleeding through the other side. Fade resistant and sturdy, this flag will welcome your guests for many years to come.

While Flip Flops Day may seem like a silly holiday to celebrate, it does remind us to take some time, get comfy and enjoy the little things in life. Sure, we all have obligations but it is nice to be reminded to be still and enjoy life sometimes. This is just a small sampling of the flip flops decorative house and garden flags that we have. If you need hardware or poles, we are also happy to help. Have questions? Give us a call or contact us. We are your source for garden and house flag information!

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