Celebrate the Fourth in All of Its Glory!

Celebrate the Fourth in All of Its Glory!

The fourth of July is a time to gather with friends and family. While it is the perfect time to catch up, trade stories and enjoy the fireworks, it is also a time to honor our country and the flag that so many have fought for. In the spirit of true celebration, many homeowners will fly the American flag. You will also begin to see them posted throughout town and outside of many businesses. While the flag is simply a piece of colored cloth, it represents the hopes and struggles of so many people through times of peace and conflict. That makes American flags an important part of any Fourth of July décor.

My most memorable Fourth of July was celebrated on the road during our national’s Bi-Centennial celebration in 1976. My father decided that it would be great to take the family on vacation to Walt Disney World. The drive from our home in Louisiana to the mecca of whimsy in Florida was a lengthy one…particularly for an active 9-year-old and her 16-year-old sibling. Needlessly to say, we were not always the most agreeable passengers! A road trip was unusual for our family but I remember being struck by the many ways that people decorated for the Fourth of July. Everywhere you looked, there was bunting and American flags of every size. The nation was bursting with national pride and it was evident. My personal favorites were the homes with tea stained flags and bunting. I have always felt that the aged or vintage feel of these flags is so attractive for many homes and businesses.

Being able to see the red, white and blue displayed across several states on a single drive made a true impression on me. Since that time, I always display decorative house and garden flags to show my national pride on the Fourth of July. I still use decorative garden flags to dress up my outdoor BBQ area and backyard, but my guests will always be greeted with American flags.

One things that I am particular about is having the correct flag poles and hardware for the flags that I want to display. The proper hardware will ensure that the flag is displayed appropriately. Simple flag kits can be used to quickly and simply hang your flag. When using the right hardware, the flag will hang the way that it was designed to.

The Fourth of July is a wonderful time to display your national pride with an American decorative garden or house flag. At I AmEricas Flags, we know that there may be some questions about the best size, most appropriate flag materials for your weather conditions and which hardware you need. No worries! Just contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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