Celebrate the Bovine in Your Life!

Celebrate the Bovine in Your Life!

Many of us are fortunate enough to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of a pastoral life. Those who can’t, often dream about the splendors of a more bucolic way of life. While farm living may be difficult while you are tending to both plants and animals for a livelihood, it’s easy to recognize that pausing once in a while will let you see the natural beauty that exists in the world. One way that we can celebrate the beauty of the cows in our pastures is through Cow Appreciation Day on Tuesay, July 10, 2018.

Cow Appreciation Day began as an effort by Chik-Fil-A as part of their “EAT MOR CHIKIN” ad campaign but there is no reason why we can’t share our love and appreciation for the cows in our lives. Our IAmEricasFlags.com store is located in a rural area so we enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the animals that live there. To celebrate Cow Appreciation Day, and any other day for that matter, we have put together a selection of appropriate flags that we think that you will enjoy.

Cows in the Field Garden Flag

This garden flag depicts a typical rural scene of Holstein cows out to pasture with the barn and outbuildings in the background. This vivid flag is printed on 100% polyester to prevent fading and the weather. It is a welcoming scene to greet guests to your home or ranch. It is also the perfect flag for showing your pride on Cow Appreciation Day.

As every home and landowner wants to show their enjoyment of cows and farms in different ways, this flag is also available as a house flag and a mailbox cover. This gives you the opportunity to display a flag or mailbox cover at the road to welcome guests even if the house is set far back.

Black and White Cow House Flag

There’s one in every herd! Often, there is a particular cow that is loved by all of the members of your family. Maybe it is her long eyelashes or slow, nonchalant gait but she has won the hearts of guests and family alike. Celebrate her and the others in the herd with a Black and White Cow House Flag. If you have a ranch or farm, this is the perfect way to not only demonstrate your devotion to your work but a love of the cows. The gentle, curious gaze of this cow is the wonderful greeting for guests.

Made from soft, silky polyester fabric from SolarSilk, this flag will gently flutter in the breeze. This premium fabric is also designed to be a resistant to fading and mildew so that it will remain beautiful for many years to come. This image is also available as a garden flag and a mailbox cover.

Holstein Cow and Hollyhocks Garden Flag

This Cow Appreciation Day show your respect and adoration of the Holstein’s in your herd with a Holstein Cow and Hollyhocks Garden Flag. The abundance of pink flowers provides a beautiful counterpoint to the cow’s coloring and the pasture in the background. For a farm, dairy or ranch, this delivers a perfect welcome message to friends and family who visit.

This flag is available in both the garden and house sizes so that home and business owners can find the size they need. This supple flag from Carson Dura Soft Garden Flags is created with a unique 3-ply design, including a center batting layer, to allow the flag to be viewed from both sides without any bleed through of color.

While Cow Appreciation Day is celebrated one day a year, it’s a funny holiday that serves to remind us of the important role that cows, as well as the farmers and dairy people who tend them, play in our daily lives. Whether you just enjoy cows or earn your living working around them, these decorative house and garden flags are a way to communicate your gracious welcome to everyone who visits.

These are just a few selections from our inventory. Visit IAmEricasFlags.com for many more options. Also, don’t forget the hardware and poles that you will need to ensure that your flag is displayed properly. If you have any questions or just want some more suggestions, contact us. We’re happy to help! If you are in Canton, TX, come by the store. We would love to meet you! 

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