Celebrate the Beauty of Fall Colors with Decorative House and Garden Flags

Celebrate the Beauty of Fall Colors with Decorative House and Garden Flags

Fall is a beautiful time. As the air becomes cooler, there is a true feeling of change in the air. Colors outside become deeper and richer. Why not celebrate this change with a decorative garden or house flag? Welcome the changing season with a sunflower flag in oranges, yellows and reds. Or display your love of football with a flag that heralds the return of weekly games. From whimsical scarecrows to glorious fall leaves, there are a wide variety of decorative house and garden flags to choose from. You will find the perfect flags to suit your style, décor and time of the season.

When I consider my personal favorite fall decorative house and garden flags for my home, it’s always hard! There are so many that I love that show my distinct decorating style. These are a few of my favorites throughout the fall season.

Autumn Oak Leaves and Acorns Applique Garden Flag. The detailed applique work and rich colors warm my heart in the crisp fall air. For me, a decorative house and garden flag with falling leaves marks the start of the fall season.

During the fall, I start look for the season’s apple crop. This, of course, leads to some time spent at the farmers market or apple orchard for collect produce for fall baking. To celebrate the arrival of apple picking time, I put out my Apple Harvest Suede Reflections Flag. This reminds me while I bake of the glorious times spent outdoors collecting apples. The texture of this Suede Reflections flag colorfully fluttering in my yard always make me smile while my treats quietly bake.

What is the fall season without a few scarecrows and sunflowers? In my home, scarecrows are not only for Halloween. They represent the changing of the season. I also happen to think that they make a beautiful addition to my fall décor. When I start thinking of scarecrows and sunflowers, I bring out my Fall Scarecrow Welcome Suede Reflections House Flag to greet my neighbors and visitors. This double sided decorative house flag will ensure that anyone coming to our home will see the whimsical scarecrow and smile.

Fall decorative house and garden flags add a special touch to your home décor. They are not only a way for you to express your creative style throughout the seasons, it’s a way to engage anyone who visits your home or business.

Happy Fall Y’all!

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