Celebrate Summer! Hot Summer flags for 2017.

Celebrate Summer! Hot Summer flags for 2017.

As a child, summer meant time at the pool and in the park with my dog. As an adult, ironically, it means the same thing. Long afternoons with family and friends stretch the good times long after the sun has dipped beyond the horizon.

I remember these dog days of summer with a flowery garden flag that reminds me of the azaleas and the butterflies even when they are long gone. Their beauty lingers and helps me welcome my guests as they come to soak up the summer sun. With the  Water Pump and Spring Birds House Flag my guests are greeted with the colors of spring and summer. Playful, colorful birds linger around an old fashioned water pump surrounded by bright flowers.

The bridge between spring and summer also means visits from hummingbirds. I’ve enjoyed seeing them hovering in the morning but also enjoy them flitting around the evening light. The wide variety of hummingbird flags at I AmEricas Flags ensures that I will see these beautiful birds throughout the year. For instance, welcomes guests with the full color of these  tiny birds. My love of these birds even extends to my street with a  mailbox cover featuring a hummingbird. It always makes my mailman smile.

As we head into the long, hot days of summer, I start thinking about the expanses of sunflowers that fill the fields around my home. They turn their heads and seem to drink up the sunshine. In celebration of their return, I hang my  sunflower flag out to greet my family. It always reminds them that no matter how long the day is, there is some sunshine here at home.

Summertime is also a busy time for me. I start canning and putting up pickles. My Mason Jar flag lets neighbors know that there are sweet surprises at my home. Perhaps I shouldn’t advertise that because I suddenly get so many visitors looking for jam but I won’t complain because I enjoy the good coffee and conversation.

Celebrating summer for me means embracing all of the joys that the season brings. One part of the season that I enjoy the most is being able to share those small moments with friends and neighbors. Whether it is the natural beauty of nature or summertime activities, there are so many ways to revel in the season. My favorite way remains to display my garden and house flags. They are not only a greet my family and guests with a beautiful message but they also remind me of passed summers spent with friends. My flags are just an extension of my home’s décor and expression of my joy for the season.

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