Honoring the Red, White and Blue: Tips for Selecting, Flying and Handling a US Flag

Honoring the Red, White and Blue: Tips for Selecting, Flying and Handling a US Flag

Flying an American flag outside of your home or business is one way many choose to show their national pride. Displaying the American flag comes with many responsibilities. The flag should be treated with the utmost respect at all times. Etiquette has been designed to ensure that the flag remains a stalwart symbol of the American people. The following guidelines will help you to show off your American style with the respect and gratitude that you feel deep within your heart.

Choosing the Right Flag for the Job

American flags come in several fabric choices. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages in certain environments. Selecting the flag in the most appropriate material for where you want to use it will ensure that it will remain vibrant and durable for many years to come. Making an informed selection, will keep the red, white and blue flying proudly.

Nylon American Flags

Nylon is the lightest flag material available. It is also the least expensive. While it can be flown outside in a slight breeze, it is not durable enough to be flown outside for long periods of time. That makes nylon flags not the most appropriate choice for outdoor display or on vehicles such as auto, boats or RVs. While they are shiny and the colors are vibrant, lightweight nylon flags will not last as long as other fabrics when used outdoors. They are more appropriate for indoor use or short term outdoor use in mild weather conditions.

2 Ply Polyester American Flags

2 Ply Polyester flags are the most durable flag for outdoor use. The material is heavier and able to better to handle varying winds and weather conditions. They can cost slightly more than nylon but the durability increases the longevity when using it outdoors. On the downside, the color may not be as shiny or vibrant as nylon. However, flags made out of 2 ply polyester hold their color for a longer period of time than nylon flags.

Cotton American Flags

Cotton is the traditional material for American flags. They, however, are not appropriate for outdoor use. Cotton flags do not wear well in weather situations, tend to be heavier and do not wick water away. While not suitable for outdoor use, this does make them perfect for indoor use or short term outdoor use, such as parades. Flags made from cotton material are generally costlier than those made from nylon or polyester but if they are cared for and used indoors, they will remain vibrant for many years.

Flag Etiquette: The Basics

The US Flag Code outlines the many ways that flags may not be used. These include:

  • The flag should never be flown upside down except as a distress signal.
  • It should never be tipped toward a person or an object.
  • Flags should never be draped as a decoration or across a speaker’s podium. Bunting is used for these purposes.
  • Flags should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform. The exception is for uniforms worn by police, fire or members of the military.
  • The flag should not be used in advertising materials or on items that are designed to be single use.
  • As a flag is lowered, the code stipulates that it should never be allowed to touch the ground. It should be neatly folded before being stored.

Retiring a Flag

Flags should be cleaned as required and attention be given to any needed repairs. After years of service, it will eventually become necessary to “retire” it. There are protocols to make sure that this is handled appropriately. Many American Legion posts hold annual flag burning ceremonies to ensure that flags are retired in a respectful and dignified manner. Boys and Girl Scout troops in many areas also often perform this service. June 14 th, Flag Day, is when many of the ceremonies are held. Contact organizations in your area to see if they perform this service and when.

Flying a Flag Outdoors

  • When an American flag is displayed on the outside of a building on a flagpole, the field of stars should always be at the top of the pole unless it is being flown at half-mast.
  • If the flag is displayed along with other flags on the same flag pole, the American flag should always be the highest.
  • If the flag is to be hung in the street, it should be hung vertically with the field of stars in the northern or eastern position.
  • If the flag is flown with other flags on separate poles, the American flag should always have the position of honor. No other flag should be larger than the US flag. The other flags may be smaller, though.

Raising and Lowering the US Flag

Typically, the US flag should be raised and lowered each day between sunrise and sunset. It should be raised rapidly in the morning but then lowered slowly and with respect at the end of the day. If it is to be displayed at night, it should be well-lit.

Indoor Display of the American Flag

  • If the flag is used during a meeting or a sanctuary, the American flag should always be to the right of the speaker or the podium. All other flags can be placed on the left side.
  • If a group of flags are presented together, the US flag should be centered and in the highest position.
  • When displaying a flag horizontally, such as on a wall, the field of stars should be at the top. When displayed vertically, the field of stars should be to the right.

Properly Displaying the Flag During Times of Mourning

The directive to fly flags at half-staff are given by the US president or state governor during times of mourning such as following a tragedy or death of a prominent person. When the flag is raised, it should be raised quickly to full staff. Then, it should be lowered slowly to the mid-point of the flagpole. American flags are also flown at half-staff on the morning of Memorial Day as a show of respect for the sacrifices of those who have served the country. At noon on Memorial Day, the flag is raised to the full staff position.

Flags used to drape a casket should have the field of stars over the head and left shoulder of the casket. It should be removed and properly folded prior to the casket being lowered.

How to Fold an American Flag

  • Two people hold the flag open by its four corners. It is then folded once lengthwise.
  • The flag is then folded lengthwise again with the field of stars remaining in view on the top.
  • Starting with the stripes end, a triangular fold is made.
  • A second triangular fold is the made by folding across to the other side.
  • This folding process continues until only the field of stars is seen.
  • The flag is now ready for proper storage.

We hope that these guidelines and information help you to select and enjoy your American flag for many years to come. Flying the flag proudly reminds every American of the strength of the US and those who serve her.


The History of "Elf on a Shelf"

The History of "Elf on a Shelf"

Christmas traditions, such as the Elf on the Shelf, are a way to bring families closer, spend time together and enjoy the magic of the holiday season. Little ones learn from books and songs about jolly ol’ Santa Claus, his trusty team of reindeer and the industrious elves working to fulfill every child’s dreams of toys for Christmas. The stories assure children that Santa knows who has been naughty or nice. Invariably, the question of ‘how’ is uttered by an earnest youngster.

Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell set out to answer that question. In 2004, over a cup of tea, the mother and daughter team began talking about the notion of an elf who had been sent by Santa to watch over children between Thanksgiving and Christmas time. This elf’s primary duty is to observe the family’s activities and report back to Santa each night when everyone is asleep. In this way, Santa would know about all of the fun and engaging activities leading up to Christmas Eve. This also provides the information to Santa about who has been naughty or nice during the holiday festivities.

In 2005, the writers released the picture book, “The Elf on the Shelf” for parents to share with the little ones in their life. To bring the story to life, the book is accompanied by an elf in a red suit and a keepsake box for storage during the other months of the year. As the story has grown in popularity throughout the years, there are now additional costumes and activities to provide more family oriented fun activities during the holidays.

There is one catch to the elf innocently sitting on the shelf. The elf can never be touched or it will lose its magic. The magic allows the elf to return home to the north pole during the night to speak with Santa. While there are directions to restore the magic (cinnamon is the perfect antidote) in the event the elf is accidently touched, handling the elf should be avoided. This can add to the family fun. In the evenings, parents can move the elf to different vantage spots so that their youngsters can wake up for a morning hunt to see where the elf returned to. Some families have become truly engaged over the elf’s ‘movements’ during the night. For instance, some elves may end up in the kitchen ‘because they hope that someone will make Christmas cookies.’ Or, they might be found in the family room ‘because they know that a Christmas special will be on tv tonight and they want to watch it with you!’

For a generation of children, the story of the Elf on the Shelf has become a time-honored tradition. For many families, the book and the elf doll sparks fun and merriment in the home throughout the holiday season. We have decorative Christmas garden and house flags for the holiday season, plus the poles and hardware to display your flag properly. As the holiday season approaches, spend some time outdoors hanging the ‘Elf Surveillance Sculpted Applique Garden Flag’ to share the family’s Christmas spirit with guests and neighbors. If you are looking for a particular holiday flag or have questions, contact us! Also, if you are in Canton, TX, stop by and say hello. We look forward to seeing you!

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Drawing Family and Friends Close This Thanksgiving

Drawing Family and Friends Close This Thanksgiving

The cool breezes of November bring warm thoughts of ginger and spice. It also makes us think of the family and friends who will soon be gathering around the Thanksgiving table. Each year, we reach out to the ones we love and look forward to a warm hug. Thanksgiving Day is a big event for most families and friends. It is a time to draw everyone together and remember the people who built our nation – and, of course, eat a lot of yummy stuff!

It is a poignant reminder each year though that there are friends and family who are unable to attend our Thanksgiving celebration. I am always thinking of friends who cannot join us. Many of them may be in the military or live great distances away and sometimes it is hard to travel home for the holidays. One of the ways that I draw everyone close together at these times is to send the small gift of a holiday flag. While this may only be a small token, it reminds us all that we are bound together by love and kinship. Some of my favorite flags feature the colors and symbols of the season. Pumpkins and scarecrows always make me think of cool breezes, crisp colorful leaves and, of course,  football season!

Sharing a flag at this time of year reminds your friends and family that you are thinking about them. It may only seem to be a small token of gratitude but it speaks volumes. The staff at I AmEricas Flags understands that. As a family-owned business, the people in our lives are very important to us. We strive to show them our respect by providing the best service available and reaching out with personal suggestions each and every day. That is why you will find a personal “thank you” on every order you receive from I AmEricas Flags.

This year, I will be sending  Thanksgiving garden flags to all of the special people in my life who are unable to come to our Thanksgiving celebration. In a small way, it brings us all closer. The miles may separate us but a common convivial spirit can bring us closer together. An autumnal Thanksgiving flag will bring smiles to everyone on your list who is too far away to join you holiday events. It is a lasting testament to friendship and love. Bottom line, it is one way to draw family and friends close this Thanksgiving season.

#thanksgiving #ThankfulForFamily #HappyThanksgiving

Celebrate the Beauty of Fall Colors with Decorative House and Garden Flags

Celebrate the Beauty of Fall Colors with Decorative House and Garden Flags

Fall is a beautiful time. As the air becomes cooler, there is a true feeling of change in the air. Colors outside become deeper and richer. Why not celebrate this change with a decorative garden or house flag? Welcome the changing season with a sunflower flag in oranges, yellows and reds. Or display your love of football with a flag that heralds the return of weekly games. From whimsical scarecrows to glorious fall leaves, there are a wide variety of decorative house and garden flags to choose from. You will find the perfect flags to suit your style, décor and time of the season.

When I consider my personal favorite fall decorative house and garden flags for my home, it’s always hard! There are so many that I love that show my distinct decorating style. These are a few of my favorites throughout the fall season.

Autumn Oak Leaves and Acorns Applique Garden Flag. The detailed applique work and rich colors warm my heart in the crisp fall air. For me, a decorative house and garden flag with falling leaves marks the start of the fall season.

During the fall, I start look for the season’s apple crop. This, of course, leads to some time spent at the farmers market or apple orchard for collect produce for fall baking. To celebrate the arrival of apple picking time, I put out my Apple Harvest Suede Reflections Flag. This reminds me while I bake of the glorious times spent outdoors collecting apples. The texture of this Suede Reflections flag colorfully fluttering in my yard always make me smile while my treats quietly bake.

What is the fall season without a few scarecrows and sunflowers? In my home, scarecrows are not only for Halloween. They represent the changing of the season. I also happen to think that they make a beautiful addition to my fall décor. When I start thinking of scarecrows and sunflowers, I bring out my Fall Scarecrow Welcome Suede Reflections House Flag to greet my neighbors and visitors. This double sided decorative house flag will ensure that anyone coming to our home will see the whimsical scarecrow and smile.

Fall decorative house and garden flags add a special touch to your home décor. They are not only a way for you to express your creative style throughout the seasons, it’s a way to engage anyone who visits your home or business.

Happy Fall Y’all!

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This is why the message of the "Thin Blue Line" is so important.

This is why the message of the "Thin Blue Line" is so important.

Meet the Martinez family, one of the winners of our "Show Off Your Purchase" photo contest!

When we received this submission, our hearts melted. This is such a wonderful family with an amazing message. This is why the message of the thin blue line is so important.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and your lovely family shown in the photograph?

"We are a family of 5 from Littleton, CO. My husband, Marco, and I have 3 wonderful children. Breana, 20, is currently a pre-nursing student at CU. Valentin, 13, is a seventh grader and plays competitive basketball. Amorina, 9, is a fourth grader and is an avid dancer and gymnast. My husband is a sergeant for the Denver Police Dept./Metro SWAT Unit I teach in kindergarten at a local charter school. We love to travel, be outdoors and spend as much time as we can together."

2. Can you tell us a little bit about your husband's service?

"My husband, Marco, has been with Denver Police Department for about 22 years. He has worked in multiple districts across Denver, as well as the Gang Unit, but is currently working for Denver Metro SWAT. From building his tenure and as well as being a sergeant for the department, he is widely respected by his team, co-workers, other officers among the entire department, and members of the community. My husband has received multiple awards and medals of Valor for saving lives and putting his life on the line for others. He is truly our hero. He has the utmost respect for his job and truly bleeds blue."

3. The ‘Thin Blue Line’ is a powerful symbol. What does it mean to you and your family?

"The 'Thin Blue Line' carries so much weight, especially to families that have loved ones serving as law enforcement officers. It represents unity, family and respect among police officers and families. It serves as a reminder to other people about the sacrifice law enforcement officers make every day. The 'Thin Blue Line' ultimately represents the support that our men and women in blue have on a daily basis from not only each other, but from their families and friends too."

4. How do you share the message of the ‘Thin Blue Line’ with others?

"Our family is very passionate about sharing the message of the 'Thin Blue Line.' We participate in 5K's that show support for the law enforcement community. We attend community events put on by different districts of DPD. We are constantly wearing 'Thin Blue Line' shirts, and hats in support of my husband and LEO's across America. My daughter likes to describe this as, "humanizing the badge." Unfortunately, a large portion of society has become accustomed to viewing police officers very negatively. In response to this, we like to remind people that law enforcement officers are people, too! They have wives, husbands, kids, and families that support their profession but are also counting on that loved one to come home every day after their shift is over."

5.How will you be displaying or using your ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag?

"Aside from showing it off in our annual family photos, we will be proudly displaying our 'Thin Blue Line' flag outside of our house to show support for my husband, and his colleagues. We LOVE our DPD officer!!"

Thank you, Martinez family, for your beautiful submission. The similes on the faces of your family are absolutely contagious. Sharing the message of the ‘Thin Blue Line’ is very important to us. When we started selling  thin blue line flags several years ago, we never thought the message would become so important. Please thank your husband from all of us here at I AmEricas Flags for having such a noble profession. Thank you, also, to all the brave men and women of law enforcement for your service. Thank you for keeping us safe!

#bluelivesmatter #backtheblue #policelivesmatter #thinblueline


Who’s Ready for Spring?

Who’s Ready for Spring?

I love the fall and winter but by February, I’m ready to move on. With the crisp fall colors now a distant memory and nothing but grey skies and icy weather outside my window, I’m ready for the renewal of springtime. While I can’t hurry mother nature along, I can give her a nudge and put some spring in my step by displaying a decorative garden flag with glorious pinks, greens and yellows. I sometimes even display them inside my home to chase away the ‘rainy day blues.’

These are a few of my favorites for this spring season.

Boho Flowers Garden Flag

The Boho Flowers garden flag combines several of my favorite things. First, the brightly colored flowers bring a sense of warmth and vibrancy on darker, grey days. The friendly ‘hello’ greets everyone who comes to my door. I enjoy the flag’s colors, flowers and welcoming of friends and family into my home. The artwork is visible on both sides of the flag. This lovely garden flag from BreezeArt is made from SolarSilk, a durable polyester fabric. The fabric is silky so it moves gracefully in a gentle breeze. It’s also fade and mildew resistant to protect against April showers. In fact, I enjoy these flowers so much, I’m getting the same flag with my monogram to use at other times.

Floral Bunny Garden Flag

This is the only bunny I want in my garden! This little funny bunny appears to have popped up in a pile of springtime flowers. The watercolor style of the artwork conveys the gentleness and newness of springtime. While I’m going to be displaying this decorative garden flag in my yard this year, it’s also appropriate for Easter time. Constructed out of durable, fade resistant and mildew proof SolarSilk, this little bunny makes a wonderful addition to my spring décor.

Fresh Flowers Garden Flag

The Fresh Flowers decorative garden flag is one that expresses my sentiment. Yes, ‘Flowers make the heart happy’. As the weather gets milder, I start looking for the flowers in my garden. This flag welcomes guests and family with the fresh newness of springtime before my garden is in full bloom. The soft polyester fabric floats gracefully in the breeze. While the fabric is silky, it’s also tough and resists fading and mildew.

Spring is an explosion of color and gentle rebirth in the garden. As the weather warms up and the first shoots of green venture into my garden, I will be hanging new garden flags for their friendly messages for guests and a reminder that spring blossoms are right around the corner. 

A Brief History of St. Valentine’s Day

A Brief History of St. Valentine’s Day

Each year, as February 14th nears, everyone begins hanging  decorative garden flags, sending valentine cards and making plans with the special someone in their life. While some sarcastically quip that the holiday was created by the greeting card and chocolate industries to generate revenue, this is patently untrue.


he origins of Valentine’s Day can be found in the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia which was always held in mid-February each year. The festival celebrated the coming spring season. They also believed that this was the time of year for birds to mate. This is the reason flowers and birds are generally incorporated into the imagery used for modern cards and decorations. In celebrating spring as a season of renewal and new birth, the Romans held fertility rites. The festival also included an event that paired women with men through a lottery.

In the 5 th century, the festival was replaced with St. Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius. By the 15th century, St. Valentine’s Day was focused on romance and love. There is some debate as to who St. Valentine was. One legend said that he was a priest who defied an imperial edict that cancelled all marriages. It is said that he continued to marry young lovers who sought out his help. When this was discovered, he was put to death on February 14. Another tale tells of Valentine while he was in prison. He had fallen in love with the daughter of the jailer and sent a farewell letter to her before his execution. He signed the letter “From your Valentine.” This story struck the hearts of romantics and remains popular today.

Formal valentine cards and letters have been seen since the 1500s. Commercial production of Valentine’s Day cards began in the late 1700s. In the US, cards began to be commercially produced by the mid-1800s.

So while today, it may seem like a commercial holiday sometimes, Valentine’s Day has deep roots in ancient history. You only have to look for the cupid on your decorative garden flag or Valentine’s day card this year and you will be looking at the ancient Roman god of love.


Falling in Love with Fall

Falling in Love with Fall

During the summer, I like to relax with friends by the pool or enjoy a day at the beach but I truly get excited when I see the first glimmers of fall. The fall season will gently creep in bringing cooler temperatures, which is appreciated, but it also brings rich autumnal colors. To me, decorating with these rich jewel tone colors creates a warmth throughout my home and yard.

There are a number of garden and house flags that I have found for this fall season. As the kids head back to school, I’m getting ready to decorate with the fall colors that make me happy.

Fall Whimsical Flowers Garden Flag

What a fun way to welcome the changing of the seasons! The bright orange and red stylized flowers are eye catching and playful. This flag is the perfect one to display in early September as the first hints of fall weather start to come in.

This flag is soft and durable so it is designed to flutter gaily in the gentle breeze. Also, the high quality of the flag’s double-sided construction ensures longevity and resistance to fading through the sometimes rainy days of fall.

Burlap Fall Floral Welcome Bouquet Decorative House Flag

While I enjoy a decorative garden or house flag with a funny message, sometimes I want to greet my guests with a classic, elegant house flag. As my house is set back from the street, my decorative house flag and mailbox cover welcomes them to my home with a cheery greeting.

The red and orange applique is beautifully embroidered on a fabric that looks like burlap. The special thing is, though, that while it appears to be burlap, it’s actually a rugged polyester fabric that is designed to hold its color and be durable in outdoors environments. It’s a welcome greeting that will be with my family for years to come.

Linen Applique Happy Fall Y’all Decorative Garden Flag

This decorative garden flag encapsulates all of my feelings during this time of year! The message succinctly proclaims, “Happy Fall Y’all!” in plaid fabric lettering surrounded with falling red and yellow leaves. When I consider the types of decorative garden or house flags that I want to decorate with, this one fills the bill. It features the warm fall colors with a lighthearted welcoming message. It’s the perfect way to greet my family and guests, as well as, add a natural looking embellishment to my outdoor décor.

The linen-like fabric is treated polyester so that you can confidently display it through the fall season. It is designed for durability in the sometimes challenging outdoors environment while retaining its beauty for many years to come.

Fall offers a new color palette each season. The warm, rich colors in nature signal the coming changes of the season. We can take a cue from nature and add our own decorative touches to our homes and gardens to celebrate the fall season. These decorative home and garden flags make me fall in love with fall all over again.

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Celebrate the Bovine in Your Life!

Celebrate the Bovine in Your Life!

Many of us are fortunate enough to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of a pastoral life. Those who can’t, often dream about the splendors of a more bucolic way of life. While farm living may be difficult while you are tending to both plants and animals for a livelihood, it’s easy to recognize that pausing once in a while will let you see the natural beauty that exists in the world. One way that we can celebrate the beauty of the cows in our pastures is through Cow Appreciation Day on Tuesay, July 10, 2018.

Cow Appreciation Day began as an effort by Chik-Fil-A as part of their “EAT MOR CHIKIN” ad campaign but there is no reason why we can’t share our love and appreciation for the cows in our lives. Our store is located in a rural area so we enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the animals that live there. To celebrate Cow Appreciation Day, and any other day for that matter, we have put together a selection of appropriate flags that we think that you will enjoy.

Cows in the Field Garden Flag

This garden flag depicts a typical rural scene of Holstein cows out to pasture with the barn and outbuildings in the background. This vivid flag is printed on 100% polyester to prevent fading and the weather. It is a welcoming scene to greet guests to your home or ranch. It is also the perfect flag for showing your pride on Cow Appreciation Day.

As every home and landowner wants to show their enjoyment of cows and farms in different ways, this flag is also available as a house flag and a mailbox cover. This gives you the opportunity to display a flag or mailbox cover at the road to welcome guests even if the house is set far back.

Black and White Cow House Flag

There’s one in every herd! Often, there is a particular cow that is loved by all of the members of your family. Maybe it is her long eyelashes or slow, nonchalant gait but she has won the hearts of guests and family alike. Celebrate her and the others in the herd with a Black and White Cow House Flag. If you have a ranch or farm, this is the perfect way to not only demonstrate your devotion to your work but a love of the cows. The gentle, curious gaze of this cow is the wonderful greeting for guests.

Made from soft, silky polyester fabric from SolarSilk, this flag will gently flutter in the breeze. This premium fabric is also designed to be a resistant to fading and mildew so that it will remain beautiful for many years to come. This image is also available as a garden flag and a mailbox cover.

Holstein Cow and Hollyhocks Garden Flag

This Cow Appreciation Day show your respect and adoration of the Holstein’s in your herd with a Holstein Cow and Hollyhocks Garden Flag. The abundance of pink flowers provides a beautiful counterpoint to the cow’s coloring and the pasture in the background. For a farm, dairy or ranch, this delivers a perfect welcome message to friends and family who visit.

This flag is available in both the garden and house sizes so that home and business owners can find the size they need. This supple flag from Carson Dura Soft Garden Flags is created with a unique 3-ply design, including a center batting layer, to allow the flag to be viewed from both sides without any bleed through of color.

While Cow Appreciation Day is celebrated one day a year, it’s a funny holiday that serves to remind us of the important role that cows, as well as the farmers and dairy people who tend them, play in our daily lives. Whether you just enjoy cows or earn your living working around them, these decorative house and garden flags are a way to communicate your gracious welcome to everyone who visits.

These are just a few selections from our inventory. Visit for many more options. Also, don’t forget the hardware and poles that you will need to ensure that your flag is displayed properly. If you have any questions or just want some more suggestions, contact us. We’re happy to help! If you are in Canton, TX, come by the store. We would love to meet you! 

Celebrate the Freedom and Fun of Flip Flops on June 15th!

Celebrate the Freedom and Fun of Flip Flops on June 15th!

National Flip Flop Day - Friday, June 15th

Whether your happy place is on a quiet beach, a nearby park or just puttering around in your own backyard, most likely, you will be wearing a pair of what has become a rather ubiquitous style of footwear…flip flops. While the history of flip flop type sandals dates back to Egyptian times, their popularity rose in the United States in the 1960s as a casual sandal for the beach. From the early days of California beach culture, the popularity of the comfortable and casual flip flop sandal spread around the world. For most of us, they represent carefree, sunny days spent with family and friends outside. So why not celebrate them on Flip Flops Day this June 15, 2018.

This fun little holiday was started in Florida at a beach smoothie shop. Today, we celebrate by flying our best flip flops decorative garden or house flag and enjoying the outdoors. The spirit of this quirky little holiday reminds us that we should sometimes wander, whether on a beach or in our own yard, and enjoy the simple things in life. In honor of this goal, we’ve gathered some of our best flip flops flags for you.

Life is Better in Flip Flops Sculpted Applique House Flag

When you want to proclaim it loudly, no decorative garden or house flag says it better. Yes, life is truly better in flip flops. With bright, eye catching colors and soft sculpting, this decorative house flag is hard to miss! It will delight all of your visitors and you may find that most agree with you. With fine embroidery, applique and embellishments, you can fly this fun flag proudly to celebrate Flip Flops Day or any other time when the mood strikes.

Crafted from high quality 300 denier polyester fabric, Evergreen designs these double-sided sculpted decorative flags to get attention. Through handcrafting and attention to detail, these decorative flags will last for many seasons of fun.

Flip Flops Welcome House Flag

Whether you are celebrating Flip Flops Day on the beach or on your patio dreaming of the beach, this classic flip flops flag will welcome all of your guests. With beautiful detailing, visitors will feel welcome to kick off their flip flops, have a cool drink and relax in the sunshine.

Custom décor creates these doubled sided house flags from high quality nylon. The artist-created image is color fast and designed to withstand the elements for many years. The supple material will float gently on the breeze so that the image and message can be see from both sides correctly. What a lovely welcome on Flip Flops Day and throughout the dog days of summer.

God Bless the USA Flip Flops Double Applique Garden Flag

Celebrate the bounty of America, Flip Flops Day and summertime fun with just one decorative garden flag. With clear national pride, you can fly this decorative garden flag to celebrate and welcome guests throughout the summer season. It doesn’t have to be Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or even Flip Flops Day to spread your message.

This high quality embroidered and appliqued flag is from Flag Trends by Carson Applique Garden Flags. The double-sided flag is crafted with a 3-ply construction for durability and to prevent the image from bleeding through the other side. Fade resistant and sturdy, this flag will welcome your guests for many years to come.

While Flip Flops Day may seem like a silly holiday to celebrate, it does remind us to take some time, get comfy and enjoy the little things in life. Sure, we all have obligations but it is nice to be reminded to be still and enjoy life sometimes. This is just a small sampling of the flip flops decorative house and garden flags that we have. If you need hardware or poles, we are also happy to help. Have questions? Give us a call or contact us. We are your source for garden and house flag information!

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