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PolyMax 2 Ply Polyester with Everlast 300+

100% American made! Poly-Max 2-ply polyester with Everlast 300+ is a revolution in flag making technology. Superior flag fabric that has no competition.

Color that is engineered to stay bright. Advanced flags begin with advanced 21st century polymers resulting in superior 18 gauge 2-ply ring spun fibers.

Warp count to fill count ratio:

  • Warp = 35 threads per square inch (threads running the length of the fabric)
  • Fill = 31 threads per square inch (threads running across the witdth)

ASTM 5034 Testing (breaking strength tests):

  • Warp = 195 lbs. per square inch
  • Fill = 190 lbs. per square inch.

The Best Made US Flags!