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Spinning White Pole with No Flag Kit

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White spinning flagpole and adjustable bracket with no flag. Kit includes

  • White baked enamel, 2 piece, 6 ft. x 1 in. spinning aluminum flagpole with acrylic mounting clamps and gold ball ornament
  • Adjustable 19 position white baked enamel cast iron 1 in. bracket with mounting screws

The ball bearing, spinning action of the top half of the pole makes it impossible for the flag to wrap or tangle around the pole.

Mounting instructions for flag with grommets

  1. Remove set screws from mounting clamps and slide first clamp up the bottom of flagpole and position just below swivel clip. Clip should be used only with flags with a pole sleeve, not with grommets.
  2. Position threaded hole in clamp under the top grommet of flag.
  3. Replace set screw in clamp through grommet of flag thereby holding flag snug against pole.
  4. Repeat with lower grommet.
  5. Position bottom clamp so there is a slight amount of tension on the canvas header between the grommets, thus holding the flag firmly in place.
  6. For extra security, zip ties may be threaded through the grommets and around the pole below the bottom clamp and above the top clamp. This step in not required, but is recommended. 2 medium sized, white zip ties are included in kit.

Spinning poles are not recommended for flags made of material heavier than nylon or larger than 3x5. Flags should not be flown in extreme wind conditions.

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